Network Management Software
E-NMS ELTI Network Management Software

Brief description

Broadcast network operators need a tool for monitoring and control the installed infrastructure. E-NMS specialized software suite, developed together with network operators, is an excellent application which query, analyse, process and display essential performance parameters of the network.

E-NMS is designed as an open solution and providing to user maximum flexibility, customisation and with highly intuitive interface is easy to use. Into broadcast networks are integrated different types and vendors elements. Easy integration is essential for expanding complex network monitoring. User have free hands to choose the hardware they wish to deploy (e.g. laptop, server) as the application can run almost on any standard PC hardware.

The ELTI advantages

  • Site monitoring and central network monitoring,
  • Network topology on web or image
  • Straightforward event log, with filters (e.g. by fault source, time range and category)
  • Network topology and site definitions (e.g. entry of site name and geographical coordinates)
  • Integration of manufacturer independent equipment (e.g. transmitters, dehydrators, generators) based on SNMP protocol
  • Alarm forwarding via SMS or e-mail (optional)
  • Performance management and reports (optional)
  • User customised dashboards (optional)
  • Logic and correlation (optional)
  • QoS and SLA verification (optional)

Map overview

E-NMS sites overview on map

Manage Devices

E-NMS manage designated device

Overview of designated location

E-NMS overview of designated site

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