ELTI Network
Management SW
Open solution designed for maximum flexibility
Into broadcast networks are integrated different types and vendors elements and easy integration it’s essential for expanding complex network monitoring.
Services for broadcast
Network operators
AirBorne RF measurment system
AirBorne RF measurement system
Terrestrial broadcasting is growing platform worldwide, despite of alternative penetration. Frequency efficiency is becoming a focus of regulatory authorities and network operators. Elti developed ultimate AirBorne RF measurement system with remotely piloted aircrafts.
ELTI video
broadcast solutions
Explore how your equipment is designed and produced!
Full video available also on Youtube channel ELTI transmittingtogether
Broadcast Towers
High efficient TERX digital transmitters
Recent developments in renewable energies might overthrow the diesel generator as the technology of choice for off-grid mobile base stations.
ELTI goes green
with Doherty
Energy efficiency has »top-priority« everywhere.
Broadcast network operators run to reduce power consumption and increase overall efficiency is pushing us, solution providers, to new research and development activities.
Filling gaps
in DTT networks
Are you ready for filling the gaps? We are!
Detailed coverage planning identifies the gaps in the DTT networks. Such areas with poor signal are covered with low power transmitters TERX or repeaters ARX and HALO.