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UHF eight field antenna panels
UHF eight field antenna panels


  • TVPA 40/50
  • TVA 51/50


Elti offer typical antenna systems on a turnkey basis with antenna panel TVPA 40/50. Especially suitable for mounting on triangular masts for different radiation patterns (omnidirectional, directional, custom designed). Feeding of antennas is made with coaxial power dividers and connecting cables all produced by Elti. Antenna systems can be divided into 2 halves; as well pressurization with dry air is available on request.

UHF directional broadband antenna panel TVA 51/50 is used mainly for vertical polarization and transmitting TV systems. Units can be assembled to provide omni-directional, horizontal non-directional or customised radiation patterns.Protected by a robust polyester radome, these panels can operate in extreme weather conditions. Every panel is factory tested (1,3 x 105 Pa) air-pressure. Pressurization to the dipole end makes it possible to use these panels in air-pressurized antenna systems as well in systems designed with foam cables.

Both antenna panels are suitable for high power antenna systems, achieved by stacking in tiers. In such cases split system is used, which allows feeding of the antenna system with half power or even full transmitter power when only half antenna system is operating.

  • antenna design for horizontal polarization with TVPA 40/50 (view in PDF)
  • antenna design for vertical polarization with TVA 51/50 (view in PDF)

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