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VHF and DAB+ four field antenna panels
VHF and DAB+ four field antenna panels


  • TA III/03 R


A VHF directional broadband antenna, the TA III/03 R is designed for horizontal or vertical polarised TV transmitting systems. Various antenna arrays can be assembled from TA III/03 R units from simple radiators to complex high-power antenna systems. They support different radiation patterns, whether omni-directional, horizontal non-directional, or customised radiation patterns.

The TA III/03 R consists of two aluminium dipoles with an inner conductor of silver plated brass. The dipole surface is finished with an anodised oxide layer, or painted. Hot dip galvanised steel is used for the reflector wall. The panel construction is easily mounted on the antenna masts using four M12 screws. Four field antenna is broadband for the entire VHF frequency band.

  • antenna design for horizontal polarization with antenna panel TA III/03-R (view in PDF).

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