Digital TV
transmitters and repeaters
GPS and GPS/GLONASS receivers for DVB broadcasting applications is specially designed to provide cost effective and reliable SFN synchronisation.


  • GPS 1104
  • GPS 2104
  • GPS/GLONASS 1104
  • GPS/GLONASS 2104


GPS/GLONASS receiver for DVB broadcasting applications that is specially designed to provide cost effective solution for redundancy applications.

DVB-T/H and DVB-T2 SFN network requires frequency and time synchronization of transmitters in same SFN cell. One of most widely used solutions is GPS receiver with 10 MHz and 1 PPS signal outputs. ELTI GPS/GLONASS receiver provides excellent frequency stability, long holdover time and multiple 10 MHz and 1 PPS outputs. Unit can be used as standalone product or in combination with ECOS 3000 or ECOS 3000 LC, ASI selector and ASI distributor for redundancy systems (Dual Drive and N+1 system).

Following the need for redundancy systems in DVB broadcasting and rounding up ELTI complete solution GPS/GLONASS receiver is one of the key elements in SFN network stability and functionality.

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