Digital TV
transmitters and repeaters
HALO digital SFN repeaters
HALO digital SFN repeaters
HALO digital SFN repeaters/transposers to fill the gaps and optimize digital network coverage.
  • HALO AC3050 (VHF)
  • HALO AC3200 (VHF)
  • HALO AC4050 (UHF)
  • HALO AC4200 (UHF)

The Elti HALO family of digital SFN repeaters/transposers combine Elti's reputation for robust equipment with the latest digital technology available from digital area. The Elti HALO family is combination of SFN repater and MFN transposer functionality in the same box. Robust, fail-safe, designed as state-of-the-art echo canceller for SFN operation to guarantee optimized transmission and extremely low degradation in signal quality.

the Elti advantage

  • According to 
    • EN 300 744 (DVB-T), EN 302 304 (DVB-H) and EN 302 755 (DVB-T2), TS 102 831 and TS 102 773 (T2-MI)
    • ARIB STB-B31, TRB14 (ISDB-T/Tb)
    • A/53, A/110 (ATSC)
    • EN 300 401 v1.4.1 (DAB, DAB+)
  • LDMOS technology
  • State-of-the-art Echo canceller, loop interference is completely removed
  • High flexibility with dynamic transmitted power level
  • Adoptable to channel characteristic changes with real time channel estimation
  • No need for GPS receiver
  • The same device for MFN transposer operation (software switchable)
  • Plug and play installation 
  • Low signal quality degradation
  • Remote management and control via LCD, TCP/IP, HTTP and SNMP interface
  • Settings fully adjustable by software
  • Compact and highly cost effective ELTI HALO family minimizing total cost of ownership

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