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TERX digital transmitters
TERX digital transmitters
Integrate more than 60 years of experience with the latest broadband Doherty for VHF and UHF bands supporting digital technology for DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-T2, DVB-T2-lite, ISDB-T, ISDB-Tb, ATSC, PAL, SECAM and NICAM.


  • Broadband Doherty power amplifiers for VHF and UHF band
  • Air cooled
  • Liquid cooled
  • Single drive
  • Dual Drive
  • 1+1, N+1
  • DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, DVB-T2-lite
  • Dualcast
  • ATSC

The Elti®TERX family of VHF/UHF digital transmitters combine Elti’s reputation for robust equipment with the latest digital technology available from DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC area and the latest solid state LDMOS technology with highly efficient VHF and UHF Doherty power amplifiers. The Elti®TERX family is robust, fail-safe, with high efficiency, designed for digital TV networks, featuring intelligent redundancy concepts, fully configurable for your indoor/outdoor applications.

the ELTI advantages

  • Supporting each mode according to 
    • EN 302 744 (DVB-T) and EN 302 304 (DVB-H), EN 302 755 (DVB-T2), TS 102 831 and TS 102 773 (T2-MI). Versions of the standards supported V1.1.1, V1.2.1,  V1.3.1 and V1.4.1 
    • ARIB STB-B31, TR-B14 - ISDB-T/Tb,
    • A/53, A/110 - ATSC
  • IFFT 2k up to extended 32k mode
  • Multi-standard design: analogue PAL with SECAM or NICAM operation possible (optional)
  • Amplifier design in 50V LDMOS technology including broadband VHF and UHF Doherty mode operation
  • Management and control via LCD, TCP/IP, HTTP and SNMP interface
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Auto adaptive pre-correction (optional) and clipping function
  • Built-in seamless switch over stream input
  • A plenty of redundancy options for exciter and power amplifiers
  • Air & liquid scalable and flexible power amplifier solutions up to 10 kW of VHF/UHF power

Exciter and Compact solution

The exciter is housed in compact 19” 1U rack mount with the AB class amplifier that provides up to 50 W of UHF and VHF output power. The built-in COFDM modulator features up to 4 ASI inputs and 2 IP stream inputs, and provides 2k up to extended 32k IFFT operation mode. If the primary transport stream source fails the exciter can seamless switch between the four ASI and IP inputs manually or automatically.

Unit is supporting MFN and SFN operation, featuring an integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver. To optimize transmitter performance a digital pre-corrector is included with an auto-adaptive digital pre-correction (optional) to correct linear error and non-linear distortion of RF power amplifiers. Compact UHF standalone transmitter is available in 19’’ 2U rack mount housing providing 200W before output filter.

Power Amplifiers

External amplifiers with air or liquid cooling are available in models supplying 200 W, 400 W, 800 W and 1.200 W of COFDM power for UHF band and 300W, 600 W and 900W for VHF band. All amplifiers are designed for broadband and employ the latest 50-volt LDMOS technology to guarantee linearity, compact design and high  efficiency for minimizing operational costs. Selfprotection circuits assure continuous operation and uninterrupted service in sight of minimizing operational costs.

  • Designed for digital and analogue applications
  • High efficiency, low power consumption design
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Excellent ruggedness and broadband performance
  • Hot swappable, easy maintainable
  • Robust mechanical structure
  • Settings and measurements can be made through the EDM web interface (exciter required).

Broadband Doherty Power Amplifiers

Thanks to the broadband Doherty amplifier concept, Elti’s VHF and UHF amplifiers are available in broadband Doherty mode also which makes terrestrial broadcasting extremely efficient. Due to higher efficiency into comparison to classical amplifier design, new amplifier series brings to network operator cost reductions over the entire system lifetime. Amplifiers are available in a compact 19’’ only 3U rack mount in air and liquid cooling solutions. A scalable and flexible configuration allows now higher power density into single rack. The output power of Broadband Doherty Power Amplifiers for UHF bands IV/V are 200W, 400W, 800 W and 1.200 W and for VHF band III 300W, 600 W and 900W.

Control and Monitoring

The integrated control unit provides full control over the assembly and additional options/features. Control software EDM (WEB based Elti Device Manager) with an user friendly graphic interface comes as standard for all Elti products. It features:
  • Complete device management/configuration over single IP address,
  • Multilevel password protection and access control
  • Display of operational parameters
  • Alarm and error history
  • Remote and local operation
  • Easy save and restore configuration settings
  • Remote assistance and software update
The control software offers the same comprehensive functionality whether used locally or remotely via TCP/IP, SNMP or GSM networks. External connections are provided by:
  • Ethernet LAN/WAN for local/network access
  • GSM/GPRS modem (optionally)

The central control unit allows integration into any SNMP based telemetry or supervisory system. It offers control and integration of third party equipment into single transmission system.

EDM - block diagram

EDM - settings

EDM - Reports

Optimum cooling system

The cooling system plays important role for the overall efficiency of the entire system, especially for liquid cooled system, which is why it has been optimized throughout.

Air cooled solutions are equipped with redundant fan system on several levels including rack composition. Each component of system includes redundant and efficient temperature fan speed regulation which greatly contributes to lifetime of system.

The liquid cooling system is equipped with efficient and proven components. The pump rack, which can be integrated into standard 19’’ rack, contains two pump modules that ensure high system efficiency. Outdoor components such as heat exchangers are designed in redundant configuration, including redundant dual blower system which greatly contributes to system availability.

ELTI redundant liquid cooling system

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