DAB, DAB+, DMB transmitters
DAB, DAB+, DMB transmitters
The TERX family of transmitters now enables a new dimension offering solution for digital audio broadcasting standards DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB.


  • Air cooled
  • Liquid cooled
  • Single drive
  • Dual Drive
  • 1+1, N+1

The Elti® TERX family for digital audio broadcasting is robust, fail-safe, with high efficiency, designed for digital radio networks, featuring intelligent redundancy concepts, fully configurable for your indoor/outdoor applications.

the Advantages

  • Fully compliant with DAB/DAB+/T-DMB standards (EN 300401 / ETS 300 799)
  • Efficient ETI input management for redundancy
  • MFN and SFN operation
  • Very high modulation performance (signal stability, shoulder level, low phase noise)
  • Linear and Non-linear digital pre-correction


The exciter is housed in compact 19” 1U rack mount with the AB class amplifier that provides up to 50 W VHF output power. Unit is supporting MFN and SFN operation, featuring an integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver.

Power Amplifiers

External amplifiers are available in 300W and 600 W (air and liquid cooling) for VHF band. All amplifiers are designed for broadband and employ the latest 50-volt LDMOS technology to guarantee linearity, compact design and high efficiency for minimizing operational costs. Self-protection circuits assure continuous operation and uninterrupted service in sight of minimizing operational costs.

  • Designed for digital and analogue applications
  • High efficiency, low power consumption design
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Excellent ruggedness and broadband performance
  • Hot swappable, easy maintainable
  • Robust mechanical structure
  • Settings and measurements can be made through the EDM web interface.

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