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Company profile

ELTI General Data / Company Profile

Digital TV transmitters and repeaters

TERX Digital transmitters  see also
Low pass filters
TV filters (VHF & UHF)
TV Combiners
EPM 3000 series RF precission meter

ARX Digital repeaters
HALO Digital SFN repeaters
ECOS & ETS Control & management systems
ASI selector ASI distributor

Coaxial components

Coaxial connectors type N IEC 169-16.
Coaxial connectors type 7/16 IEC 169-4
Coaxial connectors type EIA
Between-series adapters
GSM applications
Rigid lines
EPM 3000 series RF precission meter
RF probes
RF matching section
Dummy loads
Gas barriers

Antenna systems, filters and combiners

Antenna systems design

Antenna system design with TA III/03 R
Antenna system design with TAN III/10
Antenna system design with TVPA 40/50
Antenna system design with TVA 51/50
TV dividers
Patch panels

VHF Antennas

VHF vertical dipole TA 3-21/50
VHF Omnidirectional antenna TA III/OMNI 1
VHF four field antenna panels TA III/03 R
VHF eight field antenna panels TAN III/10
VHF yagi antennas TA III/08-A(B) 

UHF Antennas

UHF log - periodic antennas LAP 4/5-50/16
UHF four field antenna panels TVA 24/50
UHF eight field antenna panels TVPA 40/50 & TVA 51/50
UHF eight field slant antenna panel TVPA 40/50s
UHF Omni-directional antennas OM-1, OM-2 & OM-3 

TV filters and Combiners

TV filters (VHF & UHF)
   UHF mask filters (non-critical & critical mask)
   UHF analogue filters (3-6 cavities)
   VHF filters
Low pass filters

TV combiners
   UHF combiners with mask filters - DTT applications
   UHF combiners without mask filters
   TV couplers

Radio equipment


FM transmitters
DAB transmitters
EPM 3000 series RF precission meter

Antenna systems design

Antenna system design with D II/06
Antenna system design with D II/06-L
Antenna system design with FMA II/08-CP
FM dividers

FM Antennas

FM vertical dipoles FMA
FM two field antenna panel FMA II-02
FM CP antenna for side mount FMA S-CP-xx
FM yagi antennas A II/13 Fe
FM four field antenna panels D II/06 & D II/06-L
FM eight field CP antenna panels FMA II/08-CP 

FM filters and Combiners

FM filters
FM couplers
FM combiners
FM starpoint combiners
FM constant impedance combiners