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FM constant impedance combiners
FM constant impedance combiners



  • 2PX2-B5K0-1
  • 3PX2-B5K0-1
  • 4PX2-B5K0-1
  • 2PX2-B12K-1
  • 3PX2-B12K-1
  • 4PX2-B12K-1
  • 5PX2-B18K-1
  • 2PX2-B18K-1
  • 3PX2-B30K-1
  • 4PX2-B60K-1
  • 2PX2-B30K-1
  • 2PX2-B60K-1
  • 3PX2-B60K-1
  • 4PX2-B80K-1


Constant impedance combiners (type B) consist of pairs of 3 dB couplers and band-pass filters with the dummy load connected in modules for each of the narrow-band inputs to the combiner. They are commonly used when the channels of the transmitters and translators are close, or when connecting a new module to a broadband input in order to open additional channels.

Constant impedance combiners, also known as constant impedance filters (CIF), are available in a power range from 600 W to 30 kW per input, and available with 2 - 10 inputs.

Minimum frequency spacing is 800 kHz, which adheres to strict technical specification.

All combiners are factory tuned to specified frequencies. Retuning is easily performed after installation.

Combination of CIF and starpoint combiners offer cost-efficient solutions to the customer.

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