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FM starpoint combiners
FM starpoint combiners



  • 2PX2-A600-1
  • 3PX2-A900-1
  • 4PX2-A1K2-1
  • 2PX2-A3K0-1
  • 3PX2-A4K5-1
  • 4PX2-A6K0-1
  • 2PX2-A8K0-1
  • 3PX2-A12K-1
  • 4PX2-A16K-1
  • 2PX2-A12K-1
  • 3PX2-A18K-1
  • 4PX2-A24K-1
  • 2PX2-A20K-1
  • 3PX2-A30K-1
  • 4PX2-A40K-1
  • 2PX2-A40K-1
  • 3PX2-A60K-1
  • 4PX2-A80K-1


Starpoint combiners (type A) represent a compact and effective solution when there is a large channel spacing between the transmitters and translators. In the starpoint configuration it is possible to combine up to four band-pass filters. The starpoint combiner is pre-tuned to the requested frequency, and is easily retuned on site.

Starpoint combiners are available in a power range from 300 W to 20 kW per input and available with two, three and four inputs.

Minimum frequency spacing is 1,8 MHz.

All combiners are factory tuned to specified frequencies. After installation you can easily retune them yourself.

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