RF Connectors
Coaxial connectors DIN 7-16
Coaxial connectors DIN 7-16


  • In-series adapters
  • Panel connectors
    • Panel Female Connectors with screw nut mount
    • Panel Female Connectors with flange mount
    • Panel Female Connectors with flange mount, right angle
  • Cable connectors
    • Cable Male connectors, clamp type (also right angle and combination system plus)
    • Cable Male connectors, crimp type (also combination system plus)
    • Cable Female connectors, clamp type (also combination system plus & panel type)
    • Cable Female connectors, combination System Plus, crimp type (also panel type)
  • Connectors for coaxial rigid lines

Coaxial connectors with a 16 mm outer conductor for use in broadcasting and measuring RF applications, that enable simple mechanical and electrical coupling and good hermetical sealing. They come as both female and male connectors. The fitting between cables and connectors is enabled with a sealing O-ring or silicon grease. For multiple application requirements, they come as both panel type and as cable connectors.

They support low loss cables, superflexible cables with foam dielectric and air-dielectric cables.

Technical data

RF connectors DIN 7/16 - technical specifications


Elti connectors are suitable for all major cable manufacturers. Each type of connector suits designated cable type. The only difference is at foam cable 7/8". RFS produces this cable with larger inner diameter; therefore inner is rather different than from other suppliers. When ordering specify for which cable the connector is required.

Following tables will help you find the product you are looking for.

RF connectors DIN 7/16 - Table A


RF connectors DIN 7/16 - Table B


RF connectors DIN 7/16 - Table C


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