Rigid lines
Rigid lines


  • High quality materials
    (low-loss copper, Teflon PTFE, silver-plated brass)
  • Easy assembly
  • Circlips in inner bullets to ensure excellent contact
  • Available as custom-made
  • Adaptors for any size
  • Low VSWR 1:1,05


ELTI supplies rigid lines of different types. Low-loss copper and copper are used to ensure high conductivity. The tubes are connected with silver-plated brass sleeves tightened with tube clamps. The inner conductors are connected with silver-plated brass bullets.

The maximum production length of a tube is 5 meters. If the maximum length is used, then the inner conductors have to be supported by inner supports.All dimensions can be ordered with connecting flanges for outdoor use.

All line types are made from the same material. The inner part is made from low-loss copper and outer from aluminium or copper. Nominal impedance is 50 Ohm.

Products range:

  • Rigid line tubes
    • Inner conductor (low-loss copper)
    • Outer conductor (low-loss copper or aluminium)
  • Inner supports
  • Flanges (fixed and swivel type)
  • Coupling kits
  • Elbows (copper or aluminium type)
  • Adapters unflange to flange (copper or aluminium type)
  • Holders and clamps for rigid lines

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