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FM two field antenna panels
FM two field antenna panels


  • FMA II/02-N
  • FMA II/02-7
  • FMA II/02-8

The two field FM panel constitutes the basic element of an aerial. It allows radiating the energy originated in the frequency modulation transmitters and covers without adjustment the whole 87,5 to 108 MHz band. On a same mast, a special radiation pattern can be achieved by the horizontal and vertical displacement of several antennas FMA II/02.

Antenna panels FMA II/02 are especially suitable to achieve omnidirectional pattern in vertical polarized antenna systems - with only two panels per bay placing opposite one to another. Directivity of such solution is below +/- 2dB which adequately replaces the vertical dipoles.

Next, vertical radiating patterns can be customized for beam tilt and null filling. Typical VRP’s are presented for 1-4 bays below on the next page. In the case more bays are required D II/06 or D II/06-L should be used.

FMA II/02 antenna panel - picture

FMA II/02 antenna panel - Bays, apperture, notes

Technical specifications

FMA II/02 antenna panel - technical specifications

Radiation patterns

Horizontal diagrams - horizontal polarization

FMA II/02 antenna panel - HRP horizontal polarization

Horizontal diagrams - vertical polarization

FMA II/02 antenna panel - HRP vertical polarization

Vertical diagrams

FMA II/02 antenna panel - VRP

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