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FM vertical dipoles
FM vertical dipoles



  • FMA 2-10/50-N
  • FMA 2-10/50-7
  • FMA 2-10/50-8
  • FMA 2-21/50-N
  • FMA 2-21/50-7
  • FMA 2-21/50-8
  • FMA 2-21/50-N S
  • FMA 2-21/50-7 S
  • FMA 2-21/50-8 S
  • FMA 2-21/50-7 Fe
  • FMA 2-21/50-8 Fe
  • FMA 2-21/50-17 Fe


ELTI FM vertical dipoles are completely broadband from 87,5-108 MHz with constant gain over whole FM frequency band.

FMA 2-10/50 antennas are lightweight and cost effective solutions, available with N, DIN 7/16 or EIA 7/8” connectors, made completely of aluminium.

The FMA 2-21/50 broadband antenna dipole is designed to suit professional applications in the FM range for powers up to 10 kW with N, DIN 7/16, EIA 7/8” and even EIA 1 5/8” connector. Antennas are made of aluminium (default), hot-dip galvanized steel (Fe type) or stainless steel (S type) with internal parts of silver plated brass and Teflon. It is fully resistant to adverse weather conditions.  

Shape of the horizontal radiation pattern is highly dependent on the pipe diameter where the unit is mounted. The antenna can be mounted in arrays of any number, and the full FM band coverage makes it fully versatile, especially for high power collinear systems.

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