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FM eight field CP antenna panels
FM eight field CP antenna panels


  • FMA II/08-CP
  • FMA II/08-CP Fe


The FMA II/08 - CP eight field FM panel is designed for circular polarized FM antenna systems. The ppropriate alignment of horizontal and vertical dipole pairs offers left or right-hand, circular or elliptical antenna system polarization. Antennas are available with aluminium or steel dipoles.

Dividers for the antenna dipoles are not part of the antenna panel, allowing flexible dividing/cabling of the antenna system. The power input of 20 kW per panel enables high power professional FM antenna systems.

Both antenna panels are suitable for high power antenna systems, achieved by stacking in tiers. In such cases split system is used, which allows feeding of the antenna system with half power or even full transmitter power when only half antenna system is operating.

Radiating dipoles are anodized aluminium (type FMA II/08-CP). Often are antennas installed in severe weather conditions therefore were developed antennas with hot dip galvanized steel dipoles (type FMA II/08-CP Fe).

  • antenna design for CP - circular polarization (view in PDF).

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