Transmission to the future

Who are we and where have we come from?

It’s an exciting story of electronic expertise that evolved almost 60 years in a company that developed within a socialist economy. It’s an uplifting account of a hard-fought and successful transition from socialism to capitalism - from analogue to digital transmission. Customer demands challenged us to be one of mayor players in broadcasting world.

Elti draws on its almost 60 years of experience in providing professional broadcasting products and network solutions for broadcasters and network operators searching for innovative and effective solutions.

How the story began...

The beginnings of Elti date back to 1955 when the Elektroradio company started with production of antennas, antenna components and high frequency cables. In 1961 the company was renamed Elrad. By that time production had expanded to analogue transmitters and translators and TV components.

Elrad provided the equipment, the service and know-how for the entire TV and FM network of the Slovenian national public service broadcasting when it was established in 1964. After merging with Gorenje in 1972, Elrad became the Yugoslav market leader for the broadcast industry and consumer products. In 1990 the company was privatized and Elti took over the production of broadcasting equipment and services for the industry. Seeking to move in to European Union and world markets, Elti supplied its first components for DVB-T networks already in 1999.

The beginning of 2006 was marked by the launch of its new automated production line which even nowadays assures optimized costs and short delivery times to customers. With this production line quality and reliability have been taken to a higher level due to the production line tracking system and the “burn-in” control. From 2013 Elti incorporated also in-house surface treatments in production process which brings to the passive range of equipment “new” added value from perspective of quality, delivery and flexibility.

Elti has successfully faced and met the challenge of digital terrestrial broadcasting through its high efficient LD-MOS amplifier technology and integrated multi-standard transmitters and repeaters for SFN/MFN networks. As efficiency and versatility of solutions plays a key role, Elti constantly search within own R&D center for solutions bringing cost optimization benefits to customers.


Situated in the heart of Europe, Elti is at the world forefront of analogue and digital terrestrial RF broadcasting solutions.

Constantly growing...


Elti is constantly expanding its sales area, today with focus on Middle East, African and South-East Asian markets. In 2021 Elti products were servicing broadcast operators in 58 countries all over the world. This is only because the company enjoys an enviable record of innovation, flexibility and customer care.