solutions for tomorrow’s digital broadcast

Elti’s know-how, services and digital transmission equipment is implemented into an important part of digital terrestrial networks around the world.

Based on the proven success of digital transmission technology many countries have decided to employ any of DVB-T, DVB-T2, ISDB-T/Tb and ATSC for television or FM, DAB, DAB+ for radio as their future terrestrial broadcast. Many of them have already successfully implemented it, many of them are still challenging analogue-to-digital transition. Today we are all challenging low operational costs and low environmental footprint. Elti has solutions to fully support needs of operators.

On ground of decades of experiences Elti offers a complete service from planning to implementing simple to complex turnkey solutions. Our know-how, project managers, system engineers and technicians can support your project at:

  • Planning and implementation of nationwide television and radio transmitter networks and other broadcast infrastructure,
  • Planning and implementation from simple to complex transmitter and antenna systems,
  • Renewing and expansion of existing infrastructure to up-to-date technology,
  • Designing and implementation of tailor-made broadcast solutions for containers and shelters,
  • Integration and installation of combiner, filter and antenna systems.

Solution for television broadcasting is composed of Elti’s range TERX digital multi-standard transmitters, ARX digital repeaters, SFN/MFN gap filler/transposers HALO, antenna systems and combiners. Renewed Elti radio broadcasting solution portfolio now composes FM Transmitter, based on digital »direct-to-channel« modulator with outstanding efficiency and performances, totally new DAB/DAB+ transmitter series with antenna and combiner systems.

TERX digital transmitters and ARX digital repeaters with up to 10kW output power can be supplied with an air cooling or liquid cooling system. The heart of Elti’s range of products is the intelligent multi-standard modulator for DVB-T/H/T2/T2-lite, ISDB-T and ATSC – a system that guarantees a faultless multiplex data stream. When you combine this feature with the advanced and high efficient LDMOS design, a state-of- the-art echo canceller, an TCP/IP interface for remote management and NMS integration, you can compose optimized digital transmission solution engineered in robust, low maintenance plug-and-play units. However Elti can still support on its digital platform an analogue PAL broadcasting for the customers.

For covering the gaps in the digital broadcasting network Elti provides range of SFN/MFN gap filler and transposer HALO with power range up to 130W for SFN operation and more for MFN operation. 

Almost 60 years of experience in design and manufacturing of radio and television broadcast antenna systems mark Elti as competent partner and as reliable brand. Our strength are flexibility and customized solutions even for the most difficult requirements, such as in handling special radiation characteristics or protecting against extreme weather conditions. Elti is competent to handle broadcast technologies for TV - DVB-T/H/T2, ISDB-T, ATSC and PAL and for radio - FM, DAB/DAB+/DMB.

Solutions and services:

  • Antenna systems for UHF, VHF and FM band,
  • Combiners,
  • Patch panels,
  • Glass fibre reinforced radomes for television antenna systems,
  • Hot-dip galvanised mechanical structures as steel spines for antenna system installation,
  • Installation service and assembly accessories,
  • Project and network planning,
  • Site inspections and commissioning.

All of the antenna systems are produced according to network operator requirements and can be planned as omnidirectional or directional patterns. For directional patterns high quality power dividers with unequal division of power are used and special care is always dedicated to null filling to assure the best coverage possible. Upon customer wishes split antenna systems are planned and produced incorporating the highest reliability and safety factor using ELTI 6 port patch panels, which we produce up to EIA 6 1/8 flange.

We would be delighted to have you as our partner.