filters & combiners
TV stretchline combiners
TV stretchline combiners


  • 2PX4-S100
  • 2PX4-S10K
  • 2PX4-S20K
  • 2PX4-S40K


Combiners are used to combine the signals of several transmitters and translators into one antenna system. In view of the unique configurations required by individual systems, ELTI perform a detailed analysis before recommending customised solutions to the customer. Compact designs and robust construction make them easy to position and install.

Light weight units allow for wall-mounting, small size allows for mounting within the transmitter rackmount. Combiners for analogue networks are available with three and four cavities. Combiners for digital networks are applicable with 3, 4 and 6 cavity filters. For adjacent channel operations are recommended combiners with six cavity filters.

All combiners are applicable for simultaneous analogue and digital signals.

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