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TV starpoint combiners
TV starpoint combiners



  • 2PX4-A010-14
  • 2PX4-A100-14
  • 3PX4-A150-14
  • 4PX4-A200-14
  • 2PX4-A400-14
  • 3PX4-A600-14
  • 4PX4-A800-14
  • 2PX4-A2K0-14
  • 3PX4-A3K0-14
  • 4PX4-A4K0-14
  • 2PX4-A5K0-14
  • 3PX4-A7K5-14
  • 4PX4-A10K-14
  • 2PX4-A10K-14
  • 3PX4-A15K-14
  • 4PX4-A20K-14


The Starpoint combiners consist of a parallel connection of several transmitters and translators to a single antenna via two, three or four band-pass filters and a junction point with defined lengths. The parallel connection is achieved by means of coaxial cables or rigid lines of defined length in order to assure isolation between the transmitters and translators. Starpoint combiners have two (or three/four) narrowband inputs that correspond to the pass-band characteristics of the filters. They operate without forced cooling and represent an optimised cost-efficient solution for the multiple use of single antennas where transmitters and translators operate with a wide frequency spacing.

ELTI has developed software tool to easily calculate interconnecting cable lengths in seconds. According to specified channel combination adequate starpoint combiner is calculated.

The starpoint combiners are factory tuned to the desired operating channels. Specify channel configuration when ordering.

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