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DVB combiners
DVB combiners


  • 2PX4-B500D-14
  • 2PX4-B1K0D-14
  • 2PX4-B1K0D-14
  • 2PX4-B1K0D-13
  • 2PX4-B2K0D-14
  • 2PX4-B2K0D-13
  • 2PX4-B5K0D-14
  • 2PX4-B5K0D-13
  • 2PX4-B10KD-14
  • 2PX4-B10KD-13
  • 2PX4-B20KD-14
  • 2PX4-B20KD-13


DVB combiners are designed as starpoint or CIF combiners or even as combination of both. Available with 3 and 4 cavity filters with minimum 2 channel spacing and with 6 cavity filters for adjacent channel operation. All combiners are suitable to operate together with analogue channels.

ELTI DVB combiners are designed for up to 10 kW rms DVB per channel and total output power up to 50 kW rms.

High quality filters with six cavities are available, and allow adjacent analogue and DVB channels on the same antenna, as well they can be tuned for critical requirements.

Combiners are fully compliant with EN 300 744 (DVB-T), EN 302 755 (DVB-T2) and EN 302 304 (DVB-H).

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